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dear xingxingAs I told my parents that I will not get married . They sent me to see psychologist, during sessions, we dig very deep into my childhood, sadly I know that I was a over-protected child, psychologist said because I was over protected by my parents in my childhood, so I am very dependent, so I do not want to take any responsibility, that is why I refuse to get married, psychologist said, being a gay is just my excuse, even if I am a strait man, I will still refuse to marry because in my heart, I do not want to take any responsibility, get married and having family is too scary for me. May I ask how could I cure myself, am I doomed because I was over protected?Many thanks.


Why did you agree to go see a psychologist?  Did you think there was something wrong with you?

"Being gay was just an excuse? " This was not a qualified psychologist. First, there are straight people who do not want to get married, it is not about responsibility. Second, knowing you are gay and marry heterosexually, that is a very irresponsible act.

You need to become independent, stop listening to others including your parents. Learn to make you own decisions and take responsibility for your own lifes. You have to sooner or later as your parents won't be with you your entire life. And, stay away from unqualified "doctors". 

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